Tubs & Alleys

The tubs and alleyways are made 3′ channel iron panels bolted back to back with 12 Ga. Sheet. All tub and alley systems are completely customizable according to customer needs.

alley-with-side-exitHydraulic alleys are also available and are custom built to order specifications.
◦    Side height: varies according to customer needs
◦    escape doors: available on either side of the alleyway
◦    slide door: At the entrance of the alley. Can be made manual or hydraulic

Tub specs
◦    Height: 5’4  from concrete to top of panel
◦    panel length: approximately 5′ 1.5 on radius (will vary with tub radius)
◦    catwalk: 18” wide, approximately 12” off concrete

Tub options
▪    divider door – blocks off alley diverting cattle to load out or other alley

alleyAlley specs
◦    height: 5’8 inside, 4’4 to top of panel
◦    width: to your specifications
◦    appropriate number of height adjustable backstops hang from the top of the alley
◦    four 1” I.D. Pipe over alley to prevent pileup

Alley options
▪    hinged outside alley panels as escape doors